Wednesday, October 22, 2008

First Blog.

Since I have 66 notes on Facebook, I decided to leave Facebook notes in the past and move on to a Blogger! =) I will most likely copy and paste many of the notes I have written in the past(which I will so indicate when I post them). 
This was written on September 26, 2008


Why do we always keep going back to the things that hurt us? Why do we allow ourselves to suffer so much? It's an addiction, like tobacco or alcohol or drugs. We might know it's bad for us, but we just can't stop doing it. It's such a part of our lives that we can't stop.

But if you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always gotten.

We want to change, but we don't ever do anything about it. We want to live our lives differently, but we're so stuck in that rut that we can't get out.

I know with me, I don't ever know how to guard my heart. So 99.9% of the time I get hurt, and I don't seem to ever know why. silly me.

Others, maybe it's being in a relationship. An abusive one. Not necessarily physically abusive, but emotionally, or verbally. Maybe you dad was like that to your mom, so even tho as much as you wanted to never be around that again, all the guys you date are just like that. I'ts like you can't escape it. So you accept it.

Or maybe, you keep giving and giving of yourself to your significant other. Maybe you do everything to make him/her happy. They do nothing in return. Ever. They don't abuse you in any way... they just don't love you back. So instead of fighting, you accept it.

Maybe... a lot of things...
and maybe instead of you fighting the system, you just hunker down and take each blow. you sit there and let the same ol' same ol' happen to you. Day after day... You accept it.

You choose to accept it.
I refuse to accept it.

I refused to be bullied and beaten and battered by people who I love. I refuse to be the devil's little toy, that he can use and abuse and toss into the wind. I refuse to let anyone make less of me than what I really am. Cuz in Jesus, I am complete. I am whole. I am pure. So I will not accept the fate of this world. I will not sit down and let the same things happen to me over and over again. Christ through me, using me will allow me to be the one CHANGE that this world needs. To see a light. A hope. A future, in the will of God...

So that there won't be anymore suffering or pain. All eyes will be fixed on Him, who bore that pain FOR you.

In Him is peace. In Him alone, is salvation. Never again, will I allow myself to fall into that rut. Never again... I refuse to be the devil's footstool. I am the Lord's. Are you?

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