Thursday, March 26, 2009

Life recently...

so, there have been some incredibly amazing things happen to me in the past two weeks. All since we got back from the beach. My life has taken a turn I did not see coming. When I dwell on it for too long, my mind starts coming up with crazy scenarios and I get so nervous I want to cry. But the possibilities are endless. and the truth of the matter is: that scares the crap out of me. My life will take an entirely different direction from where I thought God was wanting me to go. I was so sure that this is what He wanted, but now I'm not so sure. My mind is completely confused... I've been thinking too much. Tomorrow, however, will be a day that goes down in my history books. We'll see where God leads me. This honestly makes my cry... I can't believe it... why me? I am so unworthy... I don't deserve this... What do I do? I am so blessed. Jesus rocks my world... He still provides for me, even when I neglect Him. He is my only lover... others will come and go: they have. But He will never leave me! I am His beautiful bride! Someday... someday... :) Give me peace, Lord. All I want is you! "I am so in love with you! There is nothing else I choose! You've stolen my heart!"


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Anonymous said...

Aw, Kelly good good post! I'm glad your life is going well and I know God is getting ready to take you on the journey of your life~!! love ya!