Tuesday, November 18, 2008

God's Will

What is Your will for me Lord? Should I stay? or Should I move on? It's all up to You. Entirely up to You. My heart is broken before You. My soul is screaming to get out. It does not like this world or the ways of this world. It does not like being caged inside this body. It wants to fly. It wants to soar. It wants to do the will of the One who created it! What is it that hinders me from doing Your will? Is it me? Is it others? Is it my attitude? Do I still have something to learn before I can move forward? Father, teach me Your ways so I can always walk in your truths. Give me Your eyes, Jesus. Please. I used to hate it that I was so sensitive to Your Spirit. Now I miss it. Give me Your heart, Jesus. I want the things that make You cry, make me cry! I want to be broken before You all of my days. I do not want to be a hypocrite! Give me YOU, so that I can fade away completely. I want to do Your will. Always and forever. Show me Your will. 

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