Thursday, November 6, 2008

Soul Over Mind

What is it that pulls us so deeply within? A force that is unnamed. A continuing effect for all eternity. A deep provoking thought? Something only the soul knows. The mind can’t comprehend it. A disconnect. Heart and mind are separated. The mind knows only knowledge and facts. The heart knows only love and faith. Battles emerge. Fight after fight. Whispers in the dark. Voices in the night won’t be silent. Confusion. Confusion. Is science the only truth man can know? Or is there something else? Is there really something deeper? Something bigger? Heart battles with mind. Mind battles with heart. Which one will prevail? Yesterday truth was black and white. Today it is grey. How can truth really be known? Heart speaks of wonder. Soul dreams of unimaginable dreams. Mind speaks of only facts -- knowledge written in books by men. But those dreams can’t be tamed. They won’t be silent. They soar above theories, hypotheses, and speculations. Facts that aren’t really facts. The soul knows. It knows the truth. The mind thinks it knows, but it’s perception of reality and truth has been distorted. What has warped the simple mind into submission of an idealistic view? How does something so absurd become something so accepted? What’s more, something accepted so blindly. An unrealistic impression that is taken mindlessly as truth. The soul screams within begging to be heard. Faith versus facts. Believing versus seeing. Is seeing really believing? Or does that just create another fact? Isn’t believing actually seeing? Isn’t faith the entrance to the soul? The doorway to seeing something that the mind couldn’t picture before? The mind can never picture anything greater than the soul. The mind is ruled by only factual evidence. Boring facts that reduce the body’s actions into nothing more than a robot. The soul is ruled by this inevitable longing for something greater. Something bigger. Something better. Beautiful dreams that reveal a plan and a purpose. Robotic movements are dead. A reason is life. Life is a plan. A plan is living. Instinct does not rule the body or the mind. Instinct does not exist when there is a soul. The soul gives a conscience. A conscience creates black and white again. The mind still creates grey. Truth is still distorted, but the soul reveals the truth. The truth that is true and pure. If life is a plan and a plan is living, then life is living and living is doing something greater than the mind can comprehend. The distorted truth of the mind is a feeble attempt to deceive the soul. But the soul cannot be deceived. For it knows the only truth. It was created only knowing the truth. That truth is within each and every soul on the planet. The belief that what the soul knows is true, even when the mind tries to pervert that truth.

Kelly Bean © 2008

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