Thursday, January 1, 2009


I have learned a lot about myself this year. I'm finally not ashamed of my candor. I am not afraid to speak up. I am finally coming back to the place where I am as transparent as plastic wrap. =) I have learned to not let people shove me back to second place. My ideas, talents, opinions... are worth being heard. I will no longer let myself fall into that pit where I become lost. Lost to myself. There is only one place where I am me. There is only one place where I am not ridiculed or condemned for my actions. I no longer have to be insulted, humiliated, and disrespected into submission. God didn't create me to become a mistake. He created me to become a conqueror. I have made my decision. I have chosen my path. Now, it's time to follow that path and see where God takes me on it. 2008 is the past. 2009 is now my present. I will not allow the devil to use my circumstances, the people I'm around, media, or any other thing to separate me from my purpose.


~hon~ said...

Definitely. You are GOD's princess. GOD loves you as much as HE loves everyone. GOD is holding you all throughout this year. The thief ONLY comes to steal and kill and destroy. Do not let him get to you. You are created for GOD's glory.


I love you with the love of our LORD, my dear sister in CHRIST!

Anonymous said...

I'm am SO glad for you, Kelly!!! I want you to know i'll be praying for you!! If you have anything specific just let me know!!! i love u!!