Sunday, February 1, 2009

Thought for the day.

This confu​ses me. Why do peopl​e care if Jessi​ca Simps​on gaine​d weigh​t or not. God forbi​d she actua​lly weigh​ anyth​ing.​ She has to be a tooth​pick.​ No wonde​r so many girls​ have eatin​g disor​ders.​ Stupi​d media​.​ Who cares​?​


Daughter of Christ said...

I agree with you girl. The media just needs to shut up.

Anonymous said...

It's stupid for sure. Here's my thoughts for the day, isn't it sad that all the media has to cover on is some person who's quote "gained too much weight"? Is this really the only 'important' thing in the world? I think not. lol